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Decorative pie crust tips

Pastry lattice, braids, and more

Golden soft dinner rolls in a bowl, one on a bread plate.

Amish Dinner Rolls

The soft potato rolls everyone loves

Slice of apple pie on a plate, flakes of crust scattered around slice.
Tips and Techniques

An unorthodox path to flaky pie crust

Does it yield better results than the standard?

Five kinds of sugar, starting with granulated white sugar and ending with sugar that's been toasted for 4 hours
Tips and Techniques

Toasted sugar

Turn up the flavor of your baking

Chef John Kraus in front of shelves of baked goods

Patisserie 46

John Kraus is in the business of crafting happiness through baking

Classic Birthday Cake baked in a sheet pan, sliced and decorated with rainbow sprinkles
Tips and Techniques

How to make sheet cake from a layer cake recipe

A few simple steps to a shareable dessert

Pie Baking Guide
Newly revised

Pie Baking Guide

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